Italian leather products hand-made by the craftsmen

Salvatore Sorrentino has always relied on the expert craftsmen who work the leather as it was the most valuable good. In every stitchings and assemblies you can feel the knowledge and the high care put in them.

The leather used to make the products for men by Salvatore Sorrentino is vegetable tanned. This kind of leather has the capability to absorb the sign of whoever uses it, a leather which changes overtime, giving a strong identity to the products, making them really unique. A leather that, overtime, rises its value because while wearing out it does not damage but it gets richer in stories and memories.

The accessories by Salvatore Sorrentino, hand-made with a real Italian leather, are designed to be practical, flexible and mouldable depending on the occasion. A one-shoulder bag to be worn in many ways, a backpack big enough to be your mate in a working day or on a weekend away, a suitcase big enough to join you in your travels and adventures.


Amalfi coast, a way of being

The accessories for men by Salvatore Sorrentino are inspired by the land where they are made, that is the Amalfi Coast. its twelve curves and sharp cliffs above the sea, the sweet sound of the waves crashing on the beaches, they are all represented in Salvatore Sorrentino’s products.  

From here, dozens of craftsmen pass on the centenary knowledge of the leather’s workers to face the challenges of a beautiful and harsh land.

The expertises of our craftsmen change and select the best leather, being able to turn a leather cloth into a unique accessory.

The expertise and tradition passed on to Salvatore Sorrentino turned into unique pieces to face all the needs of a modern man. Our leather bags and accessories are made by creating a mix of clothes and leather to protect your values, our bags become dynamic products, suitable for every moment and perfect for every occasion, from the professional to the elegant by simply moving a string or a buckle.

Our product are a mix of the italian expertise and trendy design, in between the Amalfi Coast’s stories and your daily routine…




For whoever lives to the fullest, a product tailor-made for him

The man who choses Salvatore Sorrentino’s accessories aims at standing out in every occasion: at work, in a weekend away, while taking a walk, overall his identity must be clear to everyone. The brand S is classy but modern, its products are a status symbol representing resilience, professionality and innovation.

The accessories for men in real Italian leather by Salvatore Sorrentino are made for those who live their life as an adventure and their profession in an original way. The accessory, then, it is not a simple object to wear but it becomes a mate to entrust your values. Bags and backpack to face intense working days or holidays and exotic adventures…

The leather used to craft the Sorrentino’s accessories makes them high quality, unique and different from the others. Overtime, the leather takes on all those features that tell the story of the adventures lived, the goals yet to be achieved and the ones already achieved. 

Accessories having a precise start, as they come out of the craftsmen’s hands, and to which you will be the only one ending the story.

All the Salvatore Sorrentino’s accessories are customizable and you can decide to insert your letters for free.