Leather Accessories made by master craftsmen

Salvatore Sorrentino has always relied on the expert hands of the artisans who work the leather as if it were the most precious thing. In every seam and assembly you perceive the knowledge and the utmost attention placed in them by the artisans. 

The leather with which Salvatore Sorrentino’s men’s products are made is a vegetable tanned leather. This type of skin has the ability to absorb the traces of the user. tuia skin that changes with the passage of time. giving personality to accessories. Making them so unique. A skin that with time acquires value precisely because it is consumed does not ruin, but is enriched with stories and memories. 

Salvatore Sorrentino accessories, handmade in genuine Italian leather. in their design are practical, adaptable to different occasions, and can be remodeled according to needs. A one-shoulder bag to wear in many ways. A backpack large enough to accompany you on a working day or a weekend out of town. a travel bag large enough to share with you trips and adventures


The leather accessories for men by Salvatore Sorrentino are inspired by the territory in which they take shape, that of the Amalfi Coast. The gentle curves of its coast and the steep cliffs overlooking the sea. the gentle sound of the waves crashing on the winding coastline, are all elements that find their representation in the products of Salvatore Sorrentino 

From here. generations of craftsmen hand down the deeds and the centuries-old experience of those who have worked the skin to meet the challenges that a beautiful territory is difficult to meet for the men who have lived it. 

The expert hands of our artisans transform and select with precision the leathers of the best quality, managing to transform a strip of leather into a unique and essential accessory for those who choose Salvatore Sorrentino. 

The expertise and tradition handed down in the hands of Salvatore Sorrentino are transformed into unique pieces ready to meet all the needs of modern man. 

Our leather bags and accessories are made by creating mix of fabrics and leathers to protect your most precious goods. our bags become dynamic products, versatile for every moment of the day and ready to adapt to any context, from professional to elegant. by moving a strap or buckle. 

Our products are a meeting point between craftsmanship excellence and innovative design, a meeting point between the stories of the Amalfi coast and your everyday life ..

For Those Live to the Fullest, a Tailor-Made Product

The man who wears the accessories of Salvatore Sorrentino wants to distinguish himself on every occasion: at work. during a weekend out, walking, his identity must be clear to everyone. The Sorrentino brand is classic, but modern, its products are a status symbol that represent resilience. professionalism and innovation. 

The men’s accessories in genuine Italian leather by Salvatore Sorrentino are designed for all those who live their life as an adventure and their profession in a creative way. The accessory, therefore, is not only something to wear, but becomes a companion to whom to entrust precious objects and important content. Bags and backpacks with which to face intense working days or leisure trips and exotic adventures. 

The leather with which Sorrentino accessories are created distinguishes them from the rest, making them unique and of a fine quality. With time. the skin takes on all those characteristics that can tell the story of the adventures that you have lived. the objectives still to be achieved and the targets achieved. 

Accessories that have a definite beginning. as they are born from the hands of expert craftsmen, and to which the word "end" will decide only you when to write it. 

All Salvatore Sorrentino accessories are customizable, with their initials, thanks to the free service that we offer to all men who choose them.