A 100% MADE IN ITALY craftsmanship, which has its roots in the oldest tradition of Italian leather goods, but at the same time uses modern and innovative production techniques. Each product signed by Salvatore Sorrentino is made exclusively by hand by qualified master craftsmen.
A perfect combination of experience in the sector and technological progress. The goal is to offer you who choose a product by Salvatore Sorrentino, a high and constant quality standard.

Salvatore Sorrentino chooses for his collections only "vegetable tanned" leathers, certified by the "Pelle al Vegetale" consortium that guarantees the total absence of toxic substances. These chemicals are very harmful to both humans and the environment. Vegetable tanning is a prodigious process, an alchemy of ingredients entrusted to the skilled hands of tanners. They dose the mixtures of natural tannins extracted from the plants, which are mixed with the pure water of Tuscany. It is a process that requires patience and experience. The result is a natural leather that never goes out of fashion, dedicated to those looking for high quality and a style that is customizing with time.

All Salvatore Sorrentino products are made with this noble material, therefore they are Eco Friendly products.